KROTAJ Tahini Manufactures

Century Mall Yonas Mar 06, 2019

KROTAJ Tahini Manufactures PLC is a company of an international joint venture of sesame experts and international investment and business professionals formed to produce world-class tahini close to the source of some of the world’s finest Humera sesame. The founders of KROTAJ have a long history in the sesame economy of Ethiopia and are well aware of the opportunities presented by this uniquely Ethiopian commodity.

KROTAJ is striving to purchase Ethiopian sesame before it leaves the country as an export crop, and add value to the sesame by processing the sesame into the internationally recognized food product, tahini. As such, KROTAJ buys its sesame supplies for production directly from farmers with the same qualities. This enables our tahini to keep its uniformity throughout the production. The cleaning process of the sesame in the production ensures we maintain high standards in our products. Our up-to-date cleaning machines remove impurities such as straw, dead seeds, soil and pods, resulting in up to 99.5% purity.