GAST Entertainment Mall

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GAST Entertainment Mall, located in Bole District in CMC near St. Michael Church. GAST opened its doors on March 7, 2019, with various game zone levels to attract kids, teenagers and adults. It offers general and VIP sections, which both house gyms, spas, massage parlors, Moroccan steam baths and hair salon that caters to adults and carries an annual membership fee. The mall was built targeting families who come to play together and to entertain them as a group.


It is equipped with four cinemas: two gold-class cinemas that serve 18 and 16 people each; and two Dolby Atmos cinemas that offer a 3D experience for crowds of more than 200 each.

The mall also offers grown-up games including laser tag, wall climbing, an escape room and an infinity mirror maze.

GAST is the only game zone in the capital that has 12-storeys almost entirely devoted to gaming. The ground level of the building is occupied by cafes and other retail stores.

Refurbished at a cost of 600 million Br including construction, finishing and equipment, approximately 400 to 800 visitors come to the mall each day to play games, watch movies, visit the hair salons and to use the gyms, according to Dawit. The gaming consoles were imported from Thailand, China, the United States and Dubai.

Gaming centres are becoming increasingly popular for families living in Addis Abeba, especially during the holidays and weekends, providing fun and entertainment.


and the other is gast fitness WE ARE OPEN 24/7

We think you should decide when you want to work out. It shouldn’t be decided by the city and certainly not by us. That’s why we’re always open.


Your Fingerprint Is Your Key

Our biometric security system means only our members have access to the gym. To get in at any time of the day or night, press your finger to the sensor and type in your personal code.


Our spin studio is clean, professional, and a large selection of bikes to help you get in shape.

Latest Gym Equipment

At Gast Gym, you’ll find top-quality equipment from the best manufacturers. We’ve included the most popular equipment within cardio, strength and functional. Spa and Sauna The sauna, steam and Jacuzzi rooms at our gym helps you relax and ease the tension of the day.

We want to make health and fitness available to everyone, whatever your lifestyle. That’s why we’ve created a gym at a great price that’s always open. We’re making sure the fitness equipment is world class, while saving on fussy extras.

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