SmartLink Technologies is leading and preferred IT Company that offers a wide range of services customized to meet your business needs. Through innovation we are proving that Ethiopia can be the new technological hub for Africa and beyond. Our extensive experience in the ever-changing tech environment enables you to focus on managing your business while we plan, implement, optimize and maintain with our IT solutions.

We formulate a proactive plan that anticipates many potential problems before they arise, saving your business time and money. We involve our clients in this process, yet do not burden them with the tedious nature of our business.

SmartLink’s complete menu of technological services will help you improve performance, maximize your investments and avoid costly problems. We begin by conducting in-depth consultations from which we customize a comprehensive solution to meet your unique needs and budget. We become an extension of your business, partnering with you to develop solutions that will benefit your company and help you achieve your long-term goals.

Smart Building

Smart Building were designed for buildings that rent out office and shop space. The software assists in managing properties, saving time, money, and paper, making your business more eco-friendly and efficient. Building owners and General Managers used to complain of the time and energy wasted to collect information for reports. We solved all of the time-wasting issues by creating the software, Smart-Building, that has various reporting options so that the managers and owners can easily access detailed customer data, delinquencies, leasing information, and late notices instantly. To do away with unorganized filing systems and to be connected with the largest building network in Ethiopia, our software will be installed in just one hour with a secure setup. With its easy to use interface and many useful features anyone with basic computer knowledge can operate it with ease. The Smart Building software advances buildings into communities, easing business operations, improving tenant relations, while increasing profits.

Since computer technology facilitates and increases the efficiency and fruitfulness of organizations, it is obvious that in the near future the whole processes of the building management will be automated. So, this system considers a deep integration with these future automations in order to provide timely service.

Smart Shopping

Smart Building combined with our e-commerce website

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      Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

There is a growing demand for cinema industry in Ethiopia. According to our research there are over 50 cinema theaters in town and all of them do not have online ticketing option, that means their customers have to wait in line to get the tickets. is a solution for that, it is where all cinema theaters will accumulate many benefits out of our collaborated cinema management website. We utilize our website to allow the theaters to showcase their seat layout, and movie schedules. customers can reserve seats (buy tickets) head of time. This will enhance customer traffic. The customers will make sure the availability of the seats without having to wait in line.

Our cinema ticket management’s ultimate responsibility is to provide a memorable and pleasurable experience for the customer. We encourage the theaters to focus on managing a good variety of movies so we can display them on our site and customers will be attracted to the theater.